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Lavazza coffee machines for free use

Taste Italy’s favourite coffee and enjoy the real Italian lifestyle. Visit our showroom where you can find everything you need for a perfect Italian espresso: professional coffee machines, design cups and other Lavazza accessories.

Our services for offices and homes

  • free operation of Lavazza BLUE and Lavazza Espresso Point machines for offices – free coffee tasting in your office
  • free delivery of coffee machines
  • 10-15% discount on the capsules in case of the Lavazza machine is owned by you
  • the widest range of Lavazza espresso capsules available in Hungary
  • free use of extra machines for your events
  • free internal parking in case of showroom visit

Wide range of models for maximum quality any time, any place. The use of the machine and its maintenance are for free, you only pay for the coffee (capsules) as indicated below.

Machine Capsules/month
lb_1000 LB 1000 100 capsules/month
lb_951 LB 951 100 capsules/month
lb_2500 LB 2500 250 capsules/month
ep_mini EP Mini 80 capsules/month
ep_2100 EP 2100 150 capsules/month
ep_2500 EP 2500 250 capsules/month

Lavazza coffee machines for free use

    Please indicate the number of potential users of the coffee machine.
    How many cups of coffee will be consumed a day?

If you need further information, please contact our colleagues who will help you to choose the best machine for your needs.

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